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We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch pharmaceutical care and a wide range of healthcare products, all conveniently accessible through our online platform. Whether you’re looking for prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, health information, or expert advice, we’ve got you covered.

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If unable to pick up your prescription directly from our stores

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Prescription Medications

Prescription Medications

Convenience is key. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily request prescription refills online. Save time and ensure that you never miss a dose with our hassle-free refill service.

Over-the-Counter Medication

At Medicrest we offer medications that are available for purchase without a prescription from a healthcare professional. These medications are typically used to treat common ailments and symptoms, such as pain relief, cough and cold, allergies, heartburn, and many others.


Beauty Products

At Medicrest Plus , we're not just selling products; we're delivering a beauty experience tailored just for you. Welcome to a world where beauty knows no bounds!


Health & Wellness Products

Welcome to our Health and Wellness Products Hub, where your journey to a healthier and more balanced life begins. Discover a curated selection of premium products designed to enhance your well-being and support your personal health goals


Health Information

Empower yourself to take charge of your health journey with the knowledge and support provided by our Health Information services. Together, let's build a healthier and happier community.


Online Consultations

Experience the future of consultations with our Online Consultations platform. Empowering you to connect with experts anytime, anywhere!

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